(Frequently Asked Questions)


Why is it good to register on the waiting list?

The number of applications is so overwhelming that we offer this option. This gives our reservation team the opportunity to treat all requests with the necessary care in order to welcome you in the best circumstances.  This way we also want to give everyone the chance to reserve a table at Hertog Jan at Botanic and avoid frustration if you already tried to reserve several times without success. Please read below how the waiting list works.

How does the waiting list work?

What does Hertog Jan at Botanic serve?

Hertog Jan at Botanic Antwerp serves a gastronomic cuisine with Japanese influences, inspired by the many trips that chef Gert De Mangeleer makes, and all this with regional products. We work with one fixed menu, adapted to the rhythm of the seasons and the availability of products. Given the nature of the experience, we can unfortunately not take into account food allergies, dietary needs or other eating habits.

I have an allergy/dietary need.

Unfortunately, due to the specific nature of the culinary experience, we cannot accommodate food allergies, dietary requirements or other eating habits.

How can I make a reservation?


Checking availability and making a reservation can be done through this link.  If you do not find an available date, you can register on our waiting list where we work on a first come, first served basis.


 After making your reservation you will receive an email confirming your reservation. In this mail you will be invited to pay a deposit of 250 € per person in advance. Once this payment has been made, your reservation will be confirmed.


 One week before the date of your reservation, you will receive a welcome e-mail in which all the information of your reservation is repeated. Do you wish to stay overnight in the Botanic Sanctuary hotel (only when available) or make use of our valet service? Then you can still indicate this

How can I make a reservation for 7 or more people at Hertog Jan at Botanic?

Given the specific layout of the restaurant and the limited space, and in order to guarantee intimacy with respect to other tables, we place a maximum of 6 guests at a table.

If you would like more information about the possibilities to privatise the restaurant for groups of 7 to 18 people, please contact us via e-mail reservations@hertog-jan.com.

I have not received a confirmation via email.

If after 10 minutes you have not received a confirmation of your reservation, please check your spam folder. If you do not find a confirmation there either, please contact us at reservations@hertog-jan.com. We remind you that the first mail you receive is always a confirmation of your request.  You will receive confirmation of your reservation only after our reservations team has entered your request into the system.

 Will I receive any other communication about my reservation?

After your reservation is booked, you will receive:

What are the cancellation conditions?

Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions for all information regarding this question.

Up to 7 days before your arrival you can cancel your reservation at reservations@hertog-jan.com and we will refund the entire advance.  After that we can only refund the advance if we can still occupy the vacant table.

I have a question about my reservation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question regarding your reservation made earlier via reservations@hertog-jan.com. Please note that we do not accept reservations through this email address. All reservations are made through the reservation button on our website.

Can I have a drink at Hertog Jan at Botanic before my meal?

No, unfortunately not. Since our space is limited, we do not have a bar, but you are of course very welcome in the bespoke cocktail bar Henry’s of the Botanic Sanctuary hotel.

What is the dress code?

Hertog Jan at Botanic is enveloped in a very relaxed atmosphere. We do not have a specific dress code policy in the restaurant, but welcome a smart casual style.

For gentlemen, shorts and flip-flops are not allowed.

Does Hertog Jan at Botanic also serve a lunch or à la carte menu?

 We do not have a separate lunch menu nor do we offer à la carte options. We serve our fixed tasting menu for both lunch and dinner.

What are the menu prices?

For an overview of our menu prices and drink options, click here.

Is Hertog Jan at Botanic accessible for wheelchair users?

 The restaurant is wheelchair friendly. Please keep in mind that the sanitary facilities are located in the basement and that the toilets are therefore not accessible with a wheelchair. We are of course happy to assist you in visiting adapted facilities at another location on the Botanic site, but you will need to leave the restaurant to do so.

 Please inform us of the presence of wheelchair users in your group before your visit so that we can assign you an appropriate table.

Are children allowed in the restaurant?

The restaurant is not suitable for babies and young children. As a guideline, we indicate the age from 8 years, but children who already at a young age can enjoy a gastronomic experience that lasts between 3 and 4 hours are welcome in the restaurant.  Due to the limited space they are counted as full guests. We do not serve an adapted children’s menu and the menu price is the same as for adults.

Are dogs allowed in the restaurant?

Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant

Can I park my car at Hertog Jan at Botanic?

Hertog Jan at Botanic offers different parking options, including valet parking Click here for more information and the conditions. Please note that you cannot come closer than 50 metres from the entrance of the restaurant by car.

Can I buy a gift certificate for Hertog Jan at Botanic?

We do not offer gift certificates. However, you can discover the different gift options of the hotel via the link below: Botanic Antwerp

How can I pay my bill?

We accept cash and most credit cards: Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and American Express. You can also have the bill posted in your room, if you are a guest of Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp. Please note that upon confirmation of your reservation you will be asked to pay a deposit of € 250 pp. This will of course be settled in your account at the end of the experience.

I can’t find my question. How can I contact you?

If your question was not answered in this list, you can always contact us via e-mail reservations@hertog-jan.com for questions about reservations or via info@hertog-jan.com for all other questions.