Below you can find important information related to making a reservation. We ask you to read these carefully in advance, so that we may welcome you in the best conditions.

  • All reservations are made according to a strict procedure. The only way to make a reservation is via the link on our website.
  • Due to the specific setting of the restaurant, we can accommodate parties up to 6.
  • We work with one fixed menu, adapted to the rhythm of the seasons and the availability of products. Due to the nature of the experience, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate all food allergies, dietary requirements or other eating habits. Following wishes we can take into account: no meat + no cray and/or shell fish. If you have any questions about this please send us a mail to  Are you booking for a third person? Please inform the whole group about our menu policy.
  • We take reservations up to 6 months in the future. Every first day of the month, the tables of a new month are made available. If you want to combine your meal with one or more nights in the beautiful Botanic Sanctuary hotel, we can reserve your table in Hertog Jan at Botanic up to 1 year in advance, send an email to for this option.
  • Hertog Jan at Botanic is closed? Know that the possibility exists to privatize. This for groups of 7 to 22 people. If you would like more information, please contact us

Before making your reservation, it is important to note the opening times below:

Open 2 weeks a month, from Tuesday till Saturday

Lunch Arrival:  between 12:00 pm – 01:15 pm
Dinner Arrival: between 07:00 pm – 08:15 pm


June: May 30th – June 10th
July: June 27th – July 8th
August: closed
September: September 5th – September 16th
October: October 3th – October 14th
November: November 7th – November 18th
December: December 5th – December 16th


January: January 9th – January 20th
February 6th – February 17th
March: March 12th – March 23th
April: April 16th – April 27th
May: May 7th – May 18th
June: June 04th – June 15th
July: July 2nd – July 13th
August: closed
September: September 3th – September 14th
October: October 8th – October 19th
November: November 5th – November 16th
December: December 10th – December 21th

Any additional questions? Please consult our FAQ (see below)


We serve one fixed menu, adapted to the rhythm of the season and the availability of products. Due to the nature of the experience, we unfortunately cannot take into account all food allergies, dietary requirements, or other eating habits. We ca take into account following wishes: no meat + no cray and/or shell fish. Please send us a mail for further questions

Lunch ‘Omakase’ 265 €
Only available for lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Menu ‘Omakase’ 360 €

Wine pairing 165 €

Luxury wine pairing ‘Omakase’ 360 €

Non-alcoholic pairing 125 €




Do you have your agenda with you?

Checking availability and making a reservation takes place below. If you do not find an available date, you can register on our waiting list. Increase your chance by registering multiple days on the waiting list. As soon as new tables become available, you will be contacted by our reservation team.


Important to know…

For the ultimate experience, we also strive for optimal occupancy in our intimate restaurant. If there is no availability for 2 people, we invite you to check the availability for 4 or 6 people. Who would you like to invite to this unique experience?


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